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WIGGERS Stirling Heißluft Modellbau, Postfach 1212 · 41374 Brüggen, Tel. +49 2163 / 98 76 58

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Informations about STIRLING/ The hot air engine yesterday and today

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The beginning was in 1977 – originally with the hobby steam model engineering. The first registration in the industrial area took place seven years later as small enterprise for Stirling-material kits.

In the meanwhile grown up specialized enterprise “WIGGERS model engineering” I applied all experience of a whole professional life in mechanical engineering from the beginning, many years of this time working in leading positions of different enterprises. Since 1977 I share the enterprise with my son, who as well intents on quality and service to hold this family enterprise at the head in this branch.

Impressed by professional know-how and experience of many years in model engineering we want to pass on a founded basic knowledge, own model engineering development, replica of old originals as well as drawings and manual instructions to the experienced model engineer or to the talented new-comer.

WIGGERS Stirling hot air model engineering
Owner: W. Wiggers
P.O. Box 1212 – D-41374 Brüggen
Fax: 0049-2163-98 76 59
St.-Nr.: 102/5287/1578 · Ust.-ID: DE229625388


Werner Wiggers
Werner Wiggers

Carsten Wiggers
Carsten Wiggers

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